Immune Boosting & Resilience Workshop

We are delighted to be offer our third workshop at Glolife private Studio, based in Sale, Cheshire.

glolife workshop

The workshop will focus on boosting your immune system, and helping support your nervous system for resilience. Using simple but accessible techniques that you will be able to use at home .

It is perfect for all levels, especially for anyone wishing to dip their toe into Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Healing.

We will start the day with a Gentle Beginner Flow Yoga class. Perfect for someone who is brand new to Yoga or if you wish to improve on the fundamentals. The Yoga session will be with Rophin. She will slowly break down each pose, share modifications and teach you how to move with your breath, so no prior experience is necessary.

 The Yoga flow is followed by Breathwork with Gemma, where you will learn about 3 different techniques that you will be able to use after the session and also have access to the private recap videos.

This session may assist with sleep disorders, anxiety and stress you will experience the 3 following techniques at the workshop. 

  • Whiskey- Breath Technique, a relaxing breath technique to maybe aid sleep.
  • Water Breath- Technique a balancing breath technique to calm yourself if feeling stressed
  • Coffee Breath- Technique (also known as breath of fire) to uplift and invigorate your day.

The breathwork will follow with a Guided Meditation with Rophin. And the workshop will close with Bev performing a Sound Bath where you will experience waves of calming and harmonising tones to bring balance to mind and body, which may help to relieve stress, headaches, boost self-esteem and clarity of mind.


Contraindications are and Notes

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new rules, you will need to bring a yoga mat, blanket cushion and water bottle.

The contraindications of the workshop are pregnant women and pacemakers

(Due to the Sound Bath Therapy)

Bathroom facilities are available throughout the workshop with a hand sanitising stations too.

Gemma, Rophin and Bev are looking forward to welcoming you onto the workshop.

Places are limited so book your place below