Glolife is my life. It stands for Gemma Louise Life.

Gemma's passion for helping others has driven her to pursue a career in holistic therapy for over 25 years. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, qualifying as a cosmetologist and massage therapist before branching out into Yoga Breathwork and Health coaching. Her dedication to her clients is unwavering, and she has recently set up her own Integrative Health Studio, Glolife, where she is now focused solely on health coaching. Gemma's approach to health coaching is client-led and collaborative. She empowers her clients to manage their own health and equips them with the tools needed to adapt positively to their environment. Her clients are encouraged to cultivate resilience through lifestyle choices that support their whole health continuum. As a UKIHCA-approved health Coach, Gemma understands that each individual is unique and takes a wide-angle lens to consider various lifestyle factors that could impact health. She works with her clients to identify areas for improvement, such as purpose and meaning in their lives, eating habits, exercise, stress management, relationships, and the quality of their environment. Gemma is a non-judgmental ally to her clients, supporting, educating, and motivating them to find sustainable ways to break through resistance in their journey to whole health. She upholds the highest professional standards in health coaching and is committed to teaching others about the benefits of having a health coach. Thanks to Gemma's expertise and dedication, many of her clients have positively changed their lives and achieved their whole health potential. Her Integrative Health Studio, Glolife, is a beacon of hope for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher
Certified Breath Coach
Student In Training Member
Biocare Practitioner

Gemma Sanda Integrative Health Coach