Restore Balance To Your Life By Connecting With Your Body, Mind, And Spirit with Yoga & Breathwork

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Are you feeling stressed? over worked? burnt-out? alone? or do you suffer from anxiety? or have trouble sleeping?

How ever you are  feeling there are plenty of ways out there to reduce stress and improve energy levels, but there’s nothing quite like the Glolife Yoga & Breathwork Sessions.

With 1.1 Sessions available for every time of day, becoming more relaxed or upbeat has never been easier.

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Our Latest Workshop inside the Glolife Studio

Free 20 min Yoga & Breathwork Discovery Session

Glolife 10 Week Coaching Course Breathwork & Yoga

Glolife 10 Week Coaching Course

This course is tailored toward the beginner, allowing students to develop a solid foundation of knowledge to empower them in their personal yoga and breathing practices.

Over a dedicated 10 week period we will meet 10 times for 1 hour 1.1 sessions combining Breathwork & Yoga. 

Combining these techniques, over the 10 week course we will work to help you ease into your own yoga and breathing practice giving you the tools to carry on and implement into your everyday life.

Coming Soon

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Book a FREE 20min Discovery Session!