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Beginner Yoga Class

This Yoga Class is an in person studio class situated in a Privite Studio in Sale Manchester and is ideal for beginners.

60min Yoga Class that will start off with some basic breathing exercises to get you warmed up.

We will flow through a range of poses that are suitable for all levels and especially beginers with modifications and prompts as and when needed.

I will close the class with a relaxing pose called Savasana leaving you refreshed and ready to start your day.

Please note: spaces are limited and the class will run most Mondays Book Here

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New Beginners Yoga Class Starts Monday 4th October

Glolife 4 Week Breathwork Coaching Course

Are you feeling stressed? over worked? burnt-out? alone? or do you suffer from anxiety? or have trouble sleeping?

How ever you are  feeling there are plenty of ways out there to reduce stress and improve energy levels, but there’s nothing quite like the Glolife Yoga & Breathwork Sessions.

With 1.1 Sessions available for every time of day, becoming more relaxed or upbeat has never been easier.

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